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Gaming from the heart: An awareness and
prevention program

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About Us

Who is Jax?


Jax is every  single child. Jax Story tells the story of children missing out on everyday life and education to game, watch YouTube’s, TikTok's and so on. We need to support and educate children on gaming safe to keep themselves safe and make them aware of the potential dangers that unsafe gaming can lead to.

What do Jax Story offer?


Early intervention talks with children and young people, aimed at how to game safe to stay safe, and what the potential dangers of unsafe game play can be.


Parental support, aimed at looking at ways we can reduce unsafe game play, parental controls, the importance of age restrictions and also general advice and support.


We can also liase directly with schools to offer a more therapeutic approach. This could include; Jax Story taking individual children out of school for a day, to a more relaxed environment, to deliver game safe awareness sessions, outdoor wellbeing sessions, baking, mindfulness and support the child to catch up with pre set school work if they've missed out on education due to unsafe gaming or other issues but you believe gaming to be involved too.

A little about the people behind the project...

Dave has worked in the educational system for over 20 years. He has experience in a variety of roles. including football coaching, special needs education and teaching.

Charlotte's background includes time working in occupational therapy, mentoring, special educational needs and mental health. We’ve witnessed lots of things over the years, but one thing that terrifies us is how children are now becoming so addicted to gaming that it's starting to interfere with their ability to function.

Video Game Addiction: A Growing Problem

The World Health Organization classified video game addiction as a mental health condition in 2018, yet, despite this, there is very little publicly available information about where to get help and support, the signs to look out for, or any significant efforts to raise awareness in schools about this condition. Having a gaming addiction impairs a persons perceptions of reality and they become so immersed in gaming that they lose all other interests, and nothing else matters to them apart from gaming.


Children are missing out on education because all they can think about is playing games, and they are even being bullied for not playing the games or for not achieving certain goals within the games. In some cases the situation has become so dire that youngsters are being removed from their family homes. These interventions are believed to be the first of their kind to be directly linked to gaming addiction.

Gaming addiction does not just affect the children's mental health, but their physical health as well. Youngsters are gaming for long periods without eating correctly, leading to an increase in the consumption of junk food, something which can very easily spiral into obesity, tooth decay and, potentially, the onset of diabetes. There has even been cases of children wetting themselves just so they don’t have to stop gaming! 

There have been 20 children diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or blood clots, some linked to long times spent gaming and even, very sadly, two deaths by DVT linked to long hours staying in the same position playing video games. These are avoidable tragedies. 


 Jax Story: Gaming from the heart - An awareness and prevention program.

What if it didn't have to be this way? What if there was a project that supported mental health promotion, self-awareness, and helped raise awareness to staff, parents and children about the signs, symptoms and effects of video game addiction and where to get help?

This could help to reduce time spent gaming, academic struggles, costs of specialists to re-engage children and prevent physical and mental health problems. It's all about raising awareness of this very real and serious condition, that, if left unchecked, is only going to get worse.

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