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So far our journey has led us here,

our application was approved and we achieved lottery funding!


Jax Story 

Project reference: 20104734 15/01/2020 

Hello Charlotte 


We’re going to fund your project! 

We’re so happy to tell you that we really liked your RC North East and Cumbria Region application for National Lottery funding. 

We want to give Gaming from the heart: An awareness and prevention programme (Pilot) £150,000 over 2 years to help your community thrive. 

Please read over this before you sign and send us the things we need 

Make sure you’re happy with all the information included and the terms before you sign by reading over: 


  • the information about your project 

  • the difference your project aims to make 

  • how to share the good news about your funding 

  • our terms and conditions (so you know what you’re agreeing to when you sign at the end) 


What happens after you’ve sent us everything we need 

After we’ve got your signed agreement (with the terms and conditions attached) along with your bank statement copy – your funding officer will contact you. 


You’ll be able to talk through when you’d like to start your project, your funding payments and dates, and any next steps. Your funding officer will be happy to help you with any questions too. 


What happens if you don’t get back to us on time 

We may withdraw the funding we’ve offered your project if you don’t send us back this signed agreement by 12/02/2020. 


If you know you can’t get it back to us by this date, let us know as soon as you can. 


And last, but not least – well done 

Congratulations again on your funding. Thank you for everything you do to support your community.

Best wishes,


Mark Purvis 

Deputy Director England 


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