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This is the journey that we have been on to achieve funding.


Dave has more than 20 years experience in specialist education and as well as a wealth of experience in both mentoring and coaching.

Director at Jax Story CIC

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Charlotte has a degree in occupational therapy, alongside plenty of experience in mental and physical health as well as experience working in specialist education and mentoring.

Director at Jax Story CIC

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How Jax secured lottery funding

Dave and Charlotte approached the National Lottery Community Fund looking for a grant of £150,000 for an 18-month pilot study, spelling out their intention to raise awareness of, and make individual therapeutic interventions with, children suffering with video game addiction.

Both recognised the growing problem posed by video game addiction and how it remains largely unacknowledged, as a serious mental health condition.


They also recognised that parents can often deny that their children are experiencing any of these problems and can often be very defensive when their child's problems are brought up to them.


Young people can also deny their own problematic gaming for fear of being denied access to their games, even if privately they feel that they are becoming more withdrawn from normal life.

Young people suffering from addiction are prevented from achieving their full potential through their increasing and ongoing disengagement from: 


  • Education 

  • Friends and family 

  • Previously enjoyed activities, hobbies and interests 

  • Self-care activities 

Together, Dave and Charlotte decided that it was time to do something about it, and so Jax Story was born.


To get the project off the ground, however, they needed access to proper funding, which is why they decided to speak to the National Lottery Community Fund. To secure the funding, Dave and Charlotte provided a detailed breakdown of Jax Story's program, as well as outlining how addiction prevents young people from fulfilling their potential and how their intervention programme will help.

Jax Story have listened to families, carers and teachers and what they have to say about their children's needs, as well as making their own observations and studying research. Their awareness and intervention programme has been tailor made with the specific intention of working in partnership with families, children, local authorities and schools to make sure that the child's needs are always prioritised.

Through their tireless efforts, Dave and Charlotte were able to secure the required lottery funding and bring their vision to life.

Now Jax Story stands ready to help children, families, teachers, schools and anyone else who is struggling with video game addiction across Teesside.



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