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Primary school
Mr Emms

"Great having Jax Story in to work with our year 6 children today. The talk was so relevant and informative with a mix of facts and personal accounts to raise awareness of the risks that excessive gaming can bring. The context involved is more important than it's ever been and now our children are aware of both the reality of gaming addiction and the support available to them should they need it. I would reccomend Jax Story to all providers working with young people."



I spoke to both Charlotte and Dave from Jax Story about the troubles I am having with my partner who is 23 years of age, he is constantly on his game from morning until night, he has no other hobbies, or any motivation to do anything but play his game. He is asking me for money to buy things that he needs to complete his game. In which in my eyes he is gambling. He is up most of the night and sleeping throughout the day his body clock is not as it should be. His food intake is nothing but fatty foods in which he eats because he is so intrigued in his game that he does not want to make a meal. The advice I got from both Dave and Charlotte was amazing, I would highly recommend this company if you yourself are struggling with game addiction or if you may know anyone who maybe addicted and need that bit of extra support and guidance, then contact them via their email or contact details.




Since my Grandson has began working with Jax Story every Tuesday, he has stated that he enjoys coming in and working alongside Dave, Charlotte and the other Volunteer it gets him from out the house and gives him a reason to do so. I have also noticed a huge change in his attitude towards family dynamics has changed for the better, also his sleeping pattern has changed.


My Name is Levi, I’m 24 from Hartlepool, I love gaming as much as anyone else, I spend a fortune on FIFA but altogether I spend around £100 a month. If there is a new game out, I want that so that’s an extra £40/60 as well. I think gaming is a good idea if I space my time out on it, as when I do spend too much time my legs go dead and I feel like when I take my headset off and walk about, I could jump 10 feet in the air like call off duty thrusts. I approximately spend around 24 hours a week gaming as I don’t like to watch Hollyoakes and coronation street etc. It also etc me connect with my friends instead of seeing their ugly faces all the time. My lifestyle has changed so much as gaming has stopped me from going out and drinking all the time. I’d rather just chills out and have a few games of Warzone, FIFA, or Rocket League it makes me feel good when I win the casino on GTA as I’m a lucky bugger and my 10 garages are full of bad man cars if you know what I mean. All in all, I do try to game responsibility. When meeting the Jax Story Team it has given me a little incentive on the things I need to continue to do to game safely.

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